Aiglon Remote Desktop Solution

Setup MAC

MAC needs to have a piece of software download and installed on it before this solution will work. (don't forget that you can use the HTML5 version (here) if you cannot get this to work.)
  1. Choose "App Store" from the apple logo on the topr right

  2. Search for the "Microsoft Remote Desktop".
    You will need to enter your Apple ID credentials to access the App Store.

    If the app is not available, please click this link

Once you have the software installed on your computer then you can get the configuration file by following the guide below:
  1. Get the preconfigured configuration file by visiting here

  2. Click on "Aiglon Desktop" to download your config file

  3. Find your downloaded file

  4. You can then save the file to your desktop or elsewhere.

  5. You run it simply by double clicking it

  6. When typing you password make sure that your suffix it ""

If you would like to look at any advanced setup or have any problems then please contact